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About Us

Nikatis Business Group is a privately held company specialized in trading, investment, and business services has officially started its activities since 2015.
The capabilities and competitive advantages of Nikatis Business Group based on it’s core values:

  • Extensive professional communications on the demand side which has led to identify needs and use opportunities.

  • Ability to manage all kinds of required resources on the supply side, in order to set up, grow and develop the businesses.

  • Having the knowledge and experience of the day in the professional formation of partnerships and business partners which has led to a steady flow of new customers and markets.


All the members of Nikatis Business Group and subset companies are committed to the following principles and values in order to create a sustainable and profitable business in line with the development of the country:

  • Observance of fairness and justice in arranging transactions with trading partners.

  • Having honesty and building trustworthy in relationships with customers.

  • Friendly and intimate relationships among colleagues.

  • Mutual respect and team work spirit.

  • Believing in meritocracy and separation of ownership from management.


Our mission is to expand trade, investment and services delivery through increasing domestic and international partnerships in order to create more entrepreneurship and income as well as providing the necessary resources for businesses to set up, grow and develop quantitative and qualitative.


To become a well-known and trustworthy company in the field of capital management, business partnerships, and sustainable cooperation


The structure of the company’s activities starts from the projects, plus after their development, they become department and, in case of growth, practically become an independent company.

The process of creating company in Nikatis Business Group